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Tony Thompson

Athearn certainly continued the 12.5-k gallon metal tank models, and I have one in the original yellow kit box.
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The Globe short 8K tanks were made in single and twin dome versions (I have one of each). The domes on these cars were very small, though acceptable for the twin dome. The same dome casting was used with the single dome version, and it was way too small. Otherwise, these cars are pretty close to scale.

The longer 12 or 12.5K tank under discussion was originally offered by Globe, and possibly continued by Athearn. This car was very close to scale. I believe I have seen a three-dome long car, which had a 12 K tank. As such, it would have been grossly oversized with oversized domes (most triple dome cars were in the 6K range).

I don't know if Globe offered a jacketed "chemical" tank in either length.

As most of us are aware, the 12 K tanks were retooled in plastic by Athearn. While the single-dome car can be improved, the three-dome is a piece of doo-doo. Sad that Athearn didn't retool the smaller tank cars in plastic, but now we have a number of excellent choices to fill that niche (though not all types in styrene yet).

I also have most of an unbuilt Mantua 10K tank kit. It is missing the paper wrapper and some of the other small parts. Someday I'm going to put this together, probably with a smooth wrapper for a jacketed tank. Without milling machinery, fitting Kadee couplers to the underframe is nearly impossible. I may substitute a shortened Athearn plastic underframe. I still keep my eyes open for Thomas tanks, but they are even rarer than the Globe models.

The Globe/Athearn boxcars and reefers were later sold by Menzies and Reynolds. I think the tooling ended up with Bowser/English. AFAIK, nobody ever continued the 40 and 50-foot Globe flatcars, though the 40' was the same design as the later odd Athearn plastic car. Due to the number of stake pockets, the 40' car only represents a group of about 100 obscure Rutland flats.

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On 5/9/2017 1:53 PM, Garth Groff sarahsan@... [STMFC] wrote:
It is my understanding that Athearn bought out Globe in the early 1950s.
The steel boxcars and reefers were continued for a while, and eventually sold off to other producers.
    Menzies, or something like that.
It is possible that Athearn didn't continue the Globe tank cars.
    It's my understanding that the Globe tank cars were close to scale and 2 or 3 different types (someone mentioned a 2 dome).  Very hard to find now.

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