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Richard Townsend

Thanks for your detailed reply. I have a lot of information on C&S freight cars, but it includes no information that the C&S bought any GN ore cars. I believe these were GN revenue service cars bringing iron ore to the Colorado Fuel and Iron furnaces in Pueblo. I suspect they came via the GN to Sioux City, Iowa, then to Denver via the CB&Q, and finally to Pueblo via the C&S. Alternatively there may have been some other routing via the UP to Denver, or even - maximizing the haul on the GN - to Billings, then via CB&Q to the C&S in Wyoming. I just found at the Denver Public Library site an Otto Perry photo of GN ore car 86251 taken at Derby, Colorado (Denver area) in 1936. It must have been very late in 1936 since the car has a reweigh date of 11-36. I I think this is the kind of car the bulletin is referring to.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Would you have any indication that these might be former GN (ore) cars bought by the C&S for use on line? There was an article inthe March/April 1981 Gazette on GN ore cars sold to several lines. Or would they be GN revenue service cars bringing ore from GN territory? In the latter case these are the GN cars that could dump a load: Aside from the steel ore cars mentioned there were still wood ore cars and the 180000 series wood 36' drop bottom coal & ore cars built 1900, the 72000 series looking like gons but with longitudinal bay hoppers (too large cars for iron ore?) and several series of 40' GS (perhaps less likely for ore sevice?), 73000 and 73200 series twin hoppers or 78000 series Hart convertible (ballast) cars. Some of the ubiquitous 40' truss rod box cars had hopper bottoms, but calling them "dump cars" might be pushing it a bit.

Staffan Ehnbom

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I have at hand a selection of "bulletins" from the Colorado & Southern from the 1930s through the 1950s. They generally are one or two sentences and refer to things like a new siding being in place, specific operating instructions, and the like. One I am interested in following up on is from November 11, 1936, and says, "Trains handling Great Northern dump cars loaded with iron ore must not exceed a speed of 35 miles per hour." My question is, what would a "Great Northern dump car" have been in 1936?  
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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