Re: Ventilated Box Cars

Ray Breyer

>>There are historic Pittsburgh images that show ACL ventilated box cars (XV) in the produce terminal area... 
>>Awhile back I compiled notes on XV listings in the 1943 ORER reprint. I was surprised at the numbers. 
>>As a 1926 modeler, these are an important car class with many more in service before the Depression Era. B&O, 
>>PRR, Reading, L&N, C&O, and many others had XV cars in service in the 1920s. 
>>Eric Hansmann
>>El Paso, TX

Modelers tend to forget about this one-time important freight car type. Anyone who's been paying attention to the DL&W company photos or the Barriger collection knows that ventilated boxcars (especially the ACL's bright yellow cars) show up all over the place.

And there were far more of these cars around than anyone thinks. Looking at the 1917 ORER, there are 65,169 class V cars rolling in the rosters of 53 different railroads. Most of the cars are in the obvious rosters, but there are more than a few surprises in the numbers as well: 207 cars on the CNJ, 45 on the P&R, 66 on the LV, etc. There are a few surprising omissions as well: none on the NYC, UP, Milwaukee, CB&Q or Santa Fe, only 421 cars on the SP.

Here's the top ten ventilated boxcar fleets for 1917:

ACL - 21,123 cars
Southern - 12,205 cars
SAL - 8,292 cars
CofGA - 3,791 cars
M&O - 2,76 cars
NYP&N - 1,969 cars
PRR - 1,852 cars
IC - 1,792 cars
L&N - 1,749 cars
SA&AP - 1,693 cars

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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