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   I had presented last year at both Chicagoland and Cocoa and this spring at a Twin Cities RPM about National Reefer Movements. (Do I have too many Reefers?)

In it I had presented that there was a Special Car Order 95 placed in May 1956, which read in part as follows,

     Because of the impending heavy movement, principally watermelons - SCO 95 became effective May 15. Order is applicable to ventilated (VM) boxcars owned by the ACL, SAL, and C&WC.” (Charleston &Western Carolina)  Prompt unloading and expedited return to loading areas is requested.  


   This SCO 95 continued that year until the July 20th AAR bulletin stated : SCO 95 applicable to ventilated boxcars is now cancelled

 I had also provided the quote from the May 21, 1956 AAR bulletin that " The heaviest demands for refrigerator cars normally shifts from the Northern-Belt states to the Southeastern, Gulf, and Southwestern states during April and May". 

Read: Protected Service, which in itself is a major market of refrigerator cars and really a bonus for prototype oriented modelers who understand how it affects refrigerator car usage. 

     It also lead me to believe (based on the number of SCO's and mentions for Canadian Cars to be returned home) that US modeler seriously undermodel the number of Canadian boxcars on US rails. However that is another topic.                                                                            Jim Dick - St. Paul, MN 


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  What was shipped in "Ventilated Box Cars" - the ones with open/slotted doors and

ventilators on the ends of the cars?  

  Most of the pics of them I've seen have been pre-WWII ... when did they stop

being used?  What replaced them?

                                                                                                          - Jim

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