Re: Ventilated Box Cars

Donald B. Valentine

Perhaps we need to take a closer look at the early heater cars. Bot the B&M and the MEC used the
patented Eastman Heater Cars, which had permanent charcoal heater boxed underslung. I believe the
MEC favored them more than the B&M. I also seem to recall the BAR using such cars but find real
information on them very difficult to come by. Can anyone shed more light on them. I know they were
largely gone by the mid 1930's when the BAR, in particular, worked a deal with MDT and used thier
refrigerator cars, both wood and steel sheathed, for potato shipping for some years before buying some
of their own cars to use in conjunction with them until ultimately replacing them. I know that from at 
least the mid-1960's on (sorry Mike) all of the cars used internal kerosene heaters as I handled the
insurance policy for the company providing that service for some years.

Cordially, Don Valentine

---In STMFC@..., <timboconnor@...> wrote :

I was trying to offer solace for the overbroad generalizations about
BAR refrigerator cars. And unlike the sheriff, I have no aversion to
mentioning dates after 1960 or before 1900, if it helps to illuminate the
dark corners...

After 1960? Off in the dim future somewhere? C'mon, Tim.

Tony Thompson

After 1960, a minority of the reefers had either interior alcohol heaters,
or charcoal heaters mounted underneath, like the XI cars. Some of these were
equipped for bulk potato loading. However, prior to 1960 none of the reefers
had permanent heaters of any kind as you say.

Tim O'

The cars with heaters were NOT reefers, but were XI cars. The BAR reefers did NOT have permanent heaters. That's my understanding. Please correct if you have more info.

Tony Thompson

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