Re: Permanent Heaters—(BAR Insulated Boxcars)


One thing I forgot is the kerosene fuel tank. I will have to search my stash for my F&C kit.

Rich Christie

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The sides from the Accurail 8500 series reefer would work with sill tabs cut into the sill. New ends would be needed as the prototype (at least the BAR 2000 series) had 1R/2/4 ends. It looks like they could be cut down from Branchline 1R/3/4 ends. Obviously, a new roof would be needed as well. Diagonal panel with no ice hatches. Plans are in the July 1978 MR, page 84.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR
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Bob, At one time Funaro & Camerlengo offered a kit with both New Haven & BAR decals. The kit is long discontinued. However, one should be able to 'bash one with the aforementioned Shapeways parts along with the vents offered by Moloco.

Rich Christie

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Does anyone make an accurate insulated boxcar to go with these heaters?

If not, what model would be a good starting point?


Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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