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A&Y Dave in MD

I have been applying the Pan Pastels primarily with a paintbrush, one dedicated to the Pan Pastels because they are different in consistency and application style than chalks (pastel chalk scraped with sandpaper or razor edge), weathering pigments (e.g., Bragdon, Doc O’Brien’s, MIG’s), or any paints/washes.


I’ve liked using two types—a big round soft brush that provides a general coating like dust and a short-bristled “deer foot” brush to stipple the coloring.  The latter looks just like a deer hoof in shape and the size depends upon the size of the effect you want to make.  You can use the foam brushes, but I find most of the “makeup applicators” tend to tear and fall off the plastic handles over time.  I discarded them for these couple of brushes and never looked back.


I learned the most about using these weathering materials by experimenting myself, but I got some really good tips from watching the car weathering videos by Mike Confalone on TrainMasters TV (pay for view site – buy access to stream all videos or buy DVDs).  Confalone loves using Pan Pastels and artists oils for most of his effects.  If you’ve ever seen articles on the Allagash Central, you’ll know his work is top notch.  His techniques are really well demonstrated (his series covered 4-5 freight cars and 2-3 diesels if I recall correctly).


I find that Confalone’s models are outside the era of this list, but the techniques have worked just as well in applying weathering to my steam era freight cars.  I just need to change the overall color effects because Depression era and earlier freight cars are weathered as much by the coal burning motive power as they are by the elements.  Look at Eric Hansmann’s blog for another example of using Pan Pastels for steam era freight cars.


Dave Bott



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To Steam Freight cars, of course.


I know quite a few of you all have been using Pan Pastels for weathering.  I finally bought a few basic colors and have been playing with them.  I thought I’d ask what techniques people are using to apply them.




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