Re: B&O Boxcar 275057

Tim O'Connor


It's an M-26. The M-26 had the early ARA underframe with 5 foot from bolster kingpin
to striker distance (most freight cars use 5 foot 6 inch) which places the wheels closer
to the end of the car.

All of the B&O M-26 variations except for the M-26b used the 1923 ARA body rivet pattern.

So, no, it's not an X29 clone. If anything you could say the X29 is a clone of the ARA design
since the first X29's appeared in 1924. :-)

Tim O'Connor

Caption: Eastbound Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway local no. 24 crosses frozen creek near Fairbury, Illinois, in February 1960. Photograph by J. Parker Lamb 2015, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Lamb-01-065-03

Is this an early X-29 clone?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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