Re: Tichy USRA steel rebuilds

Greg Martin

Ben is right out of the box it is a one kit wonder and not a bad one. There was a Sunshine mini-kit creating the Wabash car and when we do the PMcKY/P&LE car in line we will do the Wabash car as well.
The Santa Fe Bx 28/31 was the subject of a Shake-N-Take kit conversion 2014.3 and we may rerun the parts one more time.
There were several articles by the late Martin Loftin in RMC and there were articles he "produced" to promote his kits in Mainline Modeler, which sparked my fire for rebuilt cars.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
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I am trying to figure out what prototypes the Tichy USRA steel rebuilds can be used to model.  I assume someone out there can help me.  Thanks.

Jared Harper

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