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Hello.  Westerfield Models has available the 2-5-5-5 AT&SF 4 panel ends.  They are Westerfield prat number 3842, are $3.50 per pair and can be ordered through our website secure model store under Detail parts.
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Jared Harper asked:

"I did go to the archives and saw the P&LE reference.  But I guess I am wondering if these could be used to model the ATSF USRA rebuilds?  I have been trying to get hold of the RPC #24 that is supposed to cover rebuilds but cannot find one."

No.  Do not fall into Atlas' trap that all rebuilt boxcars are alike (which is how we got their crappy model). Compared to the prototype ATSF USRA DS rebuilds, the Tichy model is too short in height, has the wrong sides (model has 8 panel vs 10 panel of the prototype), ends (1/5/5/5 vs 2/5/5/5), and underframe (SS vs the fishbelly DS underframe).

With the Sunshine Models kits out of production, your best bet is to go all the way back to Martin Lofton's original approach in his RMC articles - start with a prewar AAR boxcar kit, and graft on new ends, underframe, and sidesills.  More recently, a Cocoa Beach Shake 'n Take project followed this approach.

Ben Hom   

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