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Eric Hansmann

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 18 has probably the most up-to-date info on B&O M-26 class and other cars built to the 1923 ARA proposed standards.


All of these car series listed below had a 5-foot kingpin striker distance. The first M-26 series had a truck center distance of 32-foot, 6-inches. The M-26a and M-26b cars had a truck center distance of 32-foot, 3-inches, but still the 5-foot kingpin striker distance.


M-26               265000-266999        2000 cars       built 1925                  PC&M

M-26b             267000-267999        1000 cars       built 2-3/1926            BSC   

M-26a             268000-268999        1000 cars       built 1925-1926        SSC

M-26a             269000-269999        1000 cars       built 8-9/1926            BSC

M-26a             270000-270499        500 cars        built 12/26 – 1/27     SSC

M-26a             270500-270999        500 cars         built 1927                   ACF

M-26a             271000-271499        500 cars         built 1927                  PSC



The M-26c class all had a 5-foot, 6-inch kingpin striker distance


The M-26d and M-26e classes had a 5-foot, 10.75-inch kingpin striker distance and the Duryea Cushion Underframes.


At least that’s the data as it is presented in RPCyc 18.




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Yes, but the B&O M-26 ARA cars had 5 foot spacing - according to Chris Barkan,
who is (or was) something of an expert on the B&O. What do you say, Bob Witt?

To quote from Chris's email (Feb 2, 1998 to the old freightcars list)

   Classes M-26D and M-26E had the Duryea.  The RC car is going to be lettered as
   an M-26A which had the early ARA UF with 5' kingpin to striker spacing and the
   crossbearers located between the door and the body bolsters.  The M-26 and
   M-26B also had the early ARA UF.  The M-26C had the "intermediate" ARA UF with
   5'6" kingpin to striker spacing and the crossbearers located as above.

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"The M-26 had the early ARA underframe with 5 foot from bolster kingpin to striker distance (most freight cars use 5 foot 6 inch) which places the wheels closer to the end of the car."

Actually, it's the other way around.  Class X29 had the 5 ft spacing, while most of the ARA cars had the 5 ft 6 in spacing.

If length over strikers in 42 ft 3 in, distance between kingpins is 32 ft 3 in, kingpin to striker distance is (42 ft 3 in - 32 ft 3 in)/2 = 5 ft

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