BLI 6,000 gal. tank car

Donald B. Valentine

Hi folks,

Yesterday through an act of kindness by another STMFC member I received one of Broadway
Limited's new ACF Type 27 6,000 gal. tank cars decorated for the Brown Co., owners and
operators of a now defunct large paper mill two hours away in Berlin, NH. In spite of some of
the comments on this list several yeas ago when BLI introduced their NYC steel boxcar I
expected to receive at least a fine and usable model. Upon opening the package and viewing
the car I was not disappointed. Frankly, I never accepted the criticism leveled at the BLI NYC
boxcar too seriously and, thus, will be interested to see what the ultimate comments regarding
this new BLI tank car will amount to.

I have also always appreciated the Atlas 11 gal. chemical car most often seen in LNG or LPG
service. The Atlas car is basically a very usable model and has been offered in several new runs
with different paint and lettering styles over the years. Many of these have been documented as
models or cars seen within New England in the post war era. Thus they have been of enough
interest to me that I have a couple dozen of them. About the only prototype version commonly
seen in New England that Atlas has not offered yet are cars lettered for Phillips LPG service.
I have not yet found as many of the new BLI cars that I can document as having been used in
New England but continue to seek such material. The Brown Co. car, however, I am certain of
and know that the company had additional cars as well though none seem to be exact duplicates.
Again more research is necessary. But to me the Brown Co. car is a little jewel. I really like the
frame and feel it makes the overall model a bit better than the older design Atlas car. Again YMMV.
when one puts the BLI model next to an Atlas model the difference in size really stands out! It does
so in a way that to me at least heightens the impression of both models. Thus I am hopeful that
other New England based users of these really nice prototypes can be found and documented as
I'd really like to add more of them to the fleet. If we all saw as many new rolling stock models as
we have seen in various locomotive models introduced over the last few years I'm afraid the few of
us could afford as many as they would like. This is just another reason I am quite happy with the
effort BLI has made in producing this outstanding now model. It has plenty of weight as well.

Just one modelers' opinion, Don Valentine

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