Re: BLI 6,000 gal. tank car

Ed Hawkins

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The Brown Co. car, however, I am certain of 
and know that the company had additional cars as well though none seem to be exact duplicates.
Again more research is necessary. But to me the Brown Co. car is a little jewel. I really like the
frame and feel it makes the overall model a bit better than the older design Atlas car. Again YMMV.
when one puts the BLI model next to an Atlas model the difference in size really stands out! It does
so in a way that to me at least heightens the impression of both models. Thus I am hopeful that 
other New England based users of these really nice prototypes can be found and documented as
I'd really like to add more of them to the fleet.

The Brown Co. received the following three 6,000-gal., ICC-105A300, Type 27 tank cars from ACF. 

Lot 738, BCX 1128, built 11-28
Lot 981, BCX 1129, built 8-29
Lot 1188, BCX 1130, built 10-30

BCX also purchased from ACF nine 3,000-gallon chlorine tank cars.

Lot 9635, BCX 1104-1105, built 11-23 (ARA V)
Lot 568, BCX 1122-1126, built 2-28 (ICC-105A300)
Lot 2476, BCX 1104-1105, built 1-43 (ICC-105A300)

Note the lot 2476 cars used the same numbers as cars built in 11-23. The lot 2476 cars were built new but with old customer-furnished trucks that ACF reconditioned.
Ed Hawkins

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