PRR R6- Express Refrigerator Car - Trucks

Kenneth Montero

Dear Colleagues,

I recently acquired a RailWorks PRR R60 Express Refrigerator car, from which the trucks had been removed. I am trying to find replacement trucks.

The only pictures that I could find were (1) a 3/4 angle shot of the prototype from the Hagley Library, and (2) a head-on side shot of the model from the San Diego Model Railroad Club. Going to D. Garrett Spear's website, Pennsylvania Passenger Car Information - Trucks:  it appears that the original trucks were 2D3P1. 

Does anyone make such a truck in HO scale? The closest ones appear to be on Bethlehem Car Works site under Kitbits as no. 1265. Is there anything available that is closer.

My other alternative would be, if the original trucks ever were replaced with other trucks on a prototype car, what would be to apply such other trucks, but I would like to know what were the replacement trucks and to which car(s) such truck were used as replacement trucks.

I am sharing this request with the Passenger Car Yahoo group since these cars are treated as both freight and passenger cars.

Thank you.

Ken Montero

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