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The car is FDEX 9163, part of series 9050-9249, 58 cars in my October 1958 ORER. The series is covered by note "X", which refers to stage icing. There apparently were exceptions called out, but that page is missing from my copy of the ORER. There are no other notes on commodity assignment or other special equipment.

Maybe Bill Welch can comment on the term "Double Deck". Could this just refer to the stage icing feature? I can't envision how the interior could be set up with two floors or something like that in the cargo compartment.

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Here is a picture of a double deck FGEX reefer with very prominent DO NOT HUMP placards and its placed behind the UP F-3 diesels. 


Why would a refrigerator be so placarded?  Likely hauling eggs?  I have not seen many such placarded reefers.


Gary Laakso

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