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These 1958 photos just make it into the group's era. Captions state the engines are being unloaded at a Lincoln-Mercury plant. The source of the photos was Merge Studios in Los Angeles so the location probably is Southern California.


Ford operated a plant in Pico Rivera (1957-1980), a suburb southeast of Los Angeles, served by the Santa Fe. I am unaware of another Ford plant in the area other than Ford's Long Beach plant, which closed in 1959.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

    Interesting photos, Bob. Thanks for posting them. The DT&I 50 ft. auto-boxes must have been nearly new in 1958 as well. Richard Hendrickson provided information on what must have been the previous type of cars used to transport competed motors at least for Ford.

These were basically a car very similar in construction to a USRA single sheathed cars

from the Grand Truck Western's car fleet but having 1 1/2 doors. It was Richard's article

years ago that prompted New England Rail Service to introduce the #1000 1/2 door molded add-on kit through its Standard Car Co. div. for freight car parts. The kits make it very easy

to modify Accurail's #4000 series HO models of the USRA style cars into models of the prototype GTW cars. These cars were the subject of my hands-on clinic at last years New England Prototype Modelers Meet, which is coming up again in two weeks on 2-4 June.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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