Re: PRR R6- Express Refrigerator Car - T rucks


Hi Ken--You have asked this while many of the PRR folks are away at our annual meeting. Sadly, I am not. You may expect some more traffic on your question later today and tomorrow as they catch up with their mail.

First, I suggest you ask this question over on
to reach the most knowledgeable.

Trucks: I have very little info about the R60. Based on your assertion that the original trucks were 2D3P1, here is a diagram of this truck:
Note that these are different than the 2D-P3 shown at the link in your original message. The 2D-P3 was used also on many B60b baggage cars. It is a modified version of the truck found on the vast majority of tenders used with the K4 Pacific.

Although this is speculation, if any of the cars were re-trucked, the most likely new truck would be the 2D-P5, modeled by Walthers for the R50b and B60b and currently available separately.

Of course, all these cars would have been found carrying freight in freight trains within the time frame of this list.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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