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Bruce Smith

​The 5730 was the last one on the roster and was equipped with 2D5P1 trucks (aka 2D-P1, since the "-" in the nomenclature refers to the standard "5").  These cars appear to have been built with 2D3P1 trucks and then upgraded to the 2D5P1 trucks.  Apparently at some point car 5721 received 2D3P3 trucks. It is not clear if they were a replacement or original and if at some time they were replaced.

The 36 cars (5701-5736) in this class were typically assigned to hauling fish, and would be unlikely to be seen in general service as they had two refrigerated compartments and a central access compartment.

These cars were seen nationwide, but as a tiny part of the express rear fleet would be rarely sighted except on regular runs to which they were assigned.


Bruce Smith

from "MDT" (Harrisburg Int Airport), on my way home from the PRRT&HS meeting!

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Dear colleague,

Walthers made the PRR R50b express refrigerator car, which is quite a different car. Walthers also made the PRR B60b baggage car, which also is quite a different car.

The similarity in car type numbers makes it "interesting" when searching for information about the R60 express refrigerator car, of which PRR only had 36 of them. PRR had hundreds of the other two cars. Initially, I made the same assumption that you did.

I suspect that my best hope is to find that at least one of the R60 cars got re-trucked with a more common PRR truck. The 2D3P1 truck may be unique to the R60 car.

Ken Montero

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