Re: PRR R60 Express Refrigerator Car - T rucks

Jack Mullen

I'm confused by the part of your response saying "...2D5P1 trucks (aka 2D-P1, since the "-" in the nomenclature refers to the standard "5"). "

The 2D5P1 and 2D-P1 diagrams on Rob's PRR railfan site depict very different truck designs:;sel=ptk&sz=sm&fr=;sel=ptk&sz=sm&fr=

My understanding is that the middle digit, when present, denotes a NON- standard axle. In this case it appears to denote a 5-1/2" x 11" journal instead of the AAR D axle 5-1/2" x 10".

The PRR truck class system is straightforward and rational except for the ones with a middle digit instead of a dash. I guess when you're the Standard Railroad it gets tough having to standardize the non-standard. <G>

Jack Mullen

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