Re: Automobile Engine Unloading (L.A. Area Plants)

charles slater

Studebaker and Willys-Overland was also on the L.A.J. Ry.
Charlie Slater

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Below is a list I compiled from various sources that I believe to be accurate. There may be a plant or two I have missed, however.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Southern California Automobile Assembly Plants


Commerce, 1929-1971


Pico Rivera, 1957-1980

Long Beach, 1930–1959

General Motors

South Gate, 1936-1982

Van Nuys, 1947-1992

Kaiser Frazer

Long Beach, 1947-1955?

Nash Motors

El Segundo, 1948-1955


Vernon, 1936-1956


Toyota (Truck Beds)

Long Beach, 1972-2004


Maywood 1928-1954

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