SFRD reefer classes

Clark Propst

At a train show a couple weekends ago I picked up a Longs Drug Store/IM SFRD reefer kit. The car has a reweigh of 40 and has the R-27 class. In the box was a Plano running board set for the R-28, 32 class. I know nothing about Santa Fe reefers (probably wrote the class wrong?) Anyways, the kit instructions say to use different platforms around the hatches on these different classes.
My questions is: Is there any other differences between these classes? The Plano parts represent steel running boards while the model has wood with the hatch doors opening toward the end of the car. I would like the car to represent a car in the late 40s to 50 era. I will reweigh the car with a newer date and could just as well re-class it if the Plano parts will work?
All advice is appreciated!
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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