Re: PFE/WP Reefers: Color of Feather (Orange or Silver)?

Bruce Smith


When in doubt I refer to the gospels according to Thompson, Church and Jones (aka, the PFE "bible").  As I read them, technically, neither silver nor orange are correct for the feather.  The book states that the herald was always white on black.  Additionally, I have only identified cars that match that description in every online photo I can find.  For example:

I'd go with the  one you think as "silver" as the most correct.  Of course that doesn't make the other car wrong, since RC had a fondness for experimental paint schemes.  However, given the paucity of the WP cars within the PFE fleet and the fact that they were freely distributed within that fleet, modeling the oddity is probably not the best approach.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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I have a red caboose kit r-30-12 pfe/wp reefer with feather in WP logo as orange but I've seen a red caboose RTR with the feather as silver.

Can anyone explain which is correct?

(I'm modeling 1947-48)


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