Re: Can I modify a Type 21 underframe into Type 11?

Bruce Smith


Interesting photo. That reweigh certainly could be 12-19, which would make some sense as some longitudinally riveted cars with safeties mounted on the top of the dome were starting to make an appearance. This is a pre-Type 21 given that the 21 stands for 1921, the year of its design ;) but it certainly resembles a Type 21. Issues that you might need to address on the tank if you used a LifeLike 10K tank would be that the dome appears narrower and taller than the Type 21. In addition, the dome is topped with a screw in access, as opposed to a safety hatch.

The car clearly has arch-bar trucks and appears to have split K (KD) brakes.

As for the frame, sure you can do it, but why bother when you have the Tichy frame that will serve?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL
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Hi folks,
I'm about to start working on a Life Like 10 000k tank car kit that was obviously inspired by the following photo from Ian Cranstone's site

Now, to my eye the prototype seems to rest on a type 11 frame (correct me if I'm wrong) and not on the type 21 frame that Life Like provided. My question is what do I need to keep in mind when making alterations. Can I back date a type 21 frame to a type 11?


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