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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

That does seem to suggest that they were added when the car was being loaded
although I'm not sure why they are so dark.

When I add chalk marks to a freight car, I assume that not all of them will
be recent. So, after air brushing a gloss coat for decals, I add some decal
chalk marks in addition to the regular decals. After a dull coat
application, I overspray the car with the base color to slightly lighten the
decals. After weathering, I then add dry transfer chalk marks to represent
more recent additions.

Jack Burgess

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Here is a picture of Frisco rebuilt single sheathed boxcar with dark chalk
marks high enough up that likely written at the loading platform:

Gary Laakso

south of Mike Brock

In the next picture, are those military vehicles on the flat cars in front
of the UP caboose?

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