Re: Can I modify a Type 21 underframe into Type 11?

Dave Parker

As Ian said, 12-19 is the build date, not a reweigh date.  There was no regular  reweigh requirement for tank cars at this time, and they often sported the build date for many years.

And yes, those are (unsurprisingly) KD brakes.  I have looked at quite a few builders photos of AC&F tank cars, and every one with a build date of 1916 or earlier had KC brakes. 1917 and 1918 seem to represent a transition, with about an equal mix of KC and KD.  Every car built in 1919 or 1920 had KD brakes.  1921 and 1922 are "undersampled", but the limited evidence suggests KDs were still applied.  1923 seems to represent a rapid switch back to (mostly) KC.  From 1924 until the advent of AB brakes in 1933, all AC&F cars had KC brakes.

As for the tank and dome configuration, I would remind everyone of Ed Kaminski's caution that Type 21 (or Type 11, 27, etc.) referred to AC&F's frame design.  The tanks could vary depending on who placed the order.  The LL/P2000 models reflect the most common dome sizes, but they are not always correct.  Texaco cars, as an example, had oversized domes not accurately captured by the models offered in Texaco livery.

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Hi folks,
I'm about to start working on a Life Like 10 000k tank car kit that was obviously inspired by the following photo from Ian Cranstone's site

Now, to my eye the prototype seems to rest on a type 11 frame (correct me if I'm wrong) and not on the type 21 frame that Life Like provided. My question is what do I need to keep in mind when making alterations. Can I back date a type 21 frame to a type 11?
BMMX 1804 was built by AC&F at Berwick as part of lot 8719 in 12/1919 for the Transit Company Ltd. as a TCLX 800-899 series car. This photograph was taken at Sarnia, Ontario in July 1927, probably just after the car had been renumbered from TCLX 866 (Sarnia was the home to the Imperial Oil/Transit Company Ltd.'s car shops).  By 1955 the car had been returned to its original number, and by 1960 had been renumbered UTLX 26354.

Ian Cranstone
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