Re: PFE/WP Reefers: Color of Feather (Orange or Silver)?

Fred Jansz

Herald was B&W. However, if y're modeling a WP car in 1948 from this RC car, please note:

- car side says 'completely reconditioned in 1939', which it is not, because:
- the RC car still has the short 'as built' body (R-30-12, pre 1939, should be R-30-9 after 1939-1941)
- trucks in the kit are T-section, should be AAR in 1948
- the underbody is Bettendorf, but the majority had built up frames.
- the sides and ends are missing the reinforcement strip detail bolted to the bottom of the side boards and on the ends (all wooden RC/IM cars miss this detail, Tichy and Sunshine has it).
- by 1950 only 114 WP reefers were left unreconditioned and probably in terrible shape, if not set aside.

If you're not a rivet counter, it's a nice stand in for one of the remaining -obviously well weathered- 114 WP cars. I have one and covered the orange shield with a decal. Added lots of decal softener and scribed the planking with a sharp knife. The orange feather doesn't show.

cheers, Fred Jansz

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