Re: PFE/WP Reefers: Color of Feather (Orange or Silver)?

Tony Thompson

I know of no documentation of WP reefers in PFE service with other than B&W emblems. Dick Harley may know more.
Tony Thompson 

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There are two color photos of these cars in Jim Eager's WESTERN PACIFIC COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT AND PASSENGER EQUIPMENT. A car preserved at the Feather River Railroad Museum shows the herald as black and what was probably white details. Actually, the light colored parts are yellow-orange, as most of the white has weathered away. This car was last reconditioned in 1943. The second is an in-service shot of a reconditioned car from the 1950s. The herald is clearly black and white.

It is possible that the herald originally had a red-orange feather when the cars were new, but this probably didn't last. Certainly by the first rebuilding around 1938-1943, the herald was black and white.

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I have a red caboose kit r-30-12 pfe/wp reefer with feather in WP logo as orange but I've seen a red caboose RTR with the feather as silver.

Can anyone explain which is correct?

(I'm modeling 1947-48)


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