Re: Can I modify a Type 21 underframe into Type 11?

Ian Cranstone

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Thanks for adding to this discussion all. Ian, you provided information on this car previously unknown to me. The 1800 series listing seems to have died in 1929 according to your site. Was this car renumbered after 1929? And if so to what series?

This is from an unpublished manuscript that I've been working on -- unfortunately my website page on Imperial Oil Ltd/Transit Company Ltd. is in need of a serious update, as I've uncovered a lot of info on these fleets in the last couple of years and have not yet updated the website.  It looks like BMMX 1800-1813 were renumbered mostly from former TCLX 800-899 series cars in mid-1927, and were renumbered back to the 800 series, but apparently now with SUPX reporting marks (another Transit Co. Ltd. reporting mark), by late 1943.  Beginning about 1950, SUPX reporting marks began to be replaced by TCLX reporting marks, which was still in progress when the Imperial Oil/Transit Co. Ltd. fleets were sold to the Products Tank Line of Canada in late 1952 (a UTLX subsidiary, which later became Procor).  By 1960, all former IOX/TCLX cars had been relettered to UTLX reporting marks and numbers, and the Canadian subsidiary's cars were distinguishable from the American parent's cars only through the stencilling of capacities on the end of the car in Imperial gallons.  Procor lettering would only begin to appear circa 1962.

This particular car was first lettered TCLX 866, was listed as BMMX 1804 in the 1936 Tank Car Capacities Tariff, as TCLX 866 in the 1955 Tank Car Capacities Tariff, UTLX 26354 in the 1960 Tank Car Capacities Tariff, and was no longer listed in the 1970 Tank Car Capacities Tariff.  As mentioned above, based on the ORER listings, it seems likely that the car was SUPX 866 by 1943 through to the early 1950s.

Knowing this car is from the 800 series is helpful as I have a photo of 893 from the Vancouver area that shows detail.

It should be identical, pending any in-service modifications.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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