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We might be getting off topic here, but Alma is the last of the scow-schooners which once carried freight all around San Francisco Bay and the estuaries. These boats had squared-off prows and a very shallow draft.

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That tickled a minor obsession of mine -- I have several connections with the city of Petaluma California, once known as the egg basket of the US and the topic of the film _The Egg and I_. Petaluma chickens ate feed containing ground oyster shells from which they extracted calcium which they subsequently deposited in their shells, which allowed the eggs to travel by rail to the rest of the country. In about 1915 Petaluma shipped over 143 million chicken eggs to the rest of the US by rail! The connection was mostly via the Petaluma & Santa Rosa and the Espee.

and note in particular the reference to the scow schooner Alma, currently a national historic landmark sailing out of the only floating national park in the US, San Francisco maritime National Historical Park -- this is my main connection to Petaluma, as we sail it there for a three night stay every October.
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