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Perhaps you can add winlock, wa?   Home of the world largest egg and at one time a large poultry raising area.....  winlock is south of Raymond in Lewis county.

I would like to hear more about your layout.

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Thanks for this tidbit Nolan!

It helps me in several ways. First, I model Raymond / South Bend, Washington State, the Oyster Capital of the world! [And who am I to argue with the local boosters? ] So now instead of just shipping oysters, I can ship oyster shells. Plus, being that I also love the NWP, now I can 'justify' having NWP box cars on my line. They're there to ship shells to Petaluma!

And I enjoyed the movie "The Egg and I" as well. In fact, the actual location where the events that Betty MacDonald (e i e i o?) related took place is not too far north of Willapa Harbor (about 2 hours). I was actually near there just before my ship headed out to the Persian Gulf, but was unaware of it. Dang!

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That tickled a minor obsession of mine -- I have several connections with the city of Petaluma California, once known as the egg basket of the US and the topic of the film _The Egg and I_. Petaluma chickens ate feed containing ground oyster shells from which they extracted calcium which they subsequently deposited in their shells, which allowed the eggs to travel by rail to the rest of the country. In about 1915 Petaluma shipped over 143 million chicken eggs to the rest of the US by rail! The connection was mostly via the Petaluma & Santa Rosa and the Espee.

See <,_California

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