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And I believe this is where the phrase, "from my cold dead hands" comes into play. :-)

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Just a note that many of members of this list might have unbuilt kits for the cars that you covered in your series. So, even if those kits are no longer available, they probably reside unbuilt in many kit stashes.

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I guess it's time that I reply to this. First, I do not ever recall stating that I would not entertain the idea of consolidating all of this into a book. It's possible I did, but I certainly don't remember it. However, I have read numerous times about things I have said and done that were not the case so it's possible that I stated something that was easily interpreted differently than I intended.

That said, I have discussed the idea of doing a book, although books is more realistic. My vision is 3-4 perfect bound (paperback) volumes.

The fly in the ointment in all of this is that a lot has changed since these articles were published. Many of the kits are no longer available, many have been superseded by one or more styrene (or resin) offerings, and several are ones where I (or others) are actively pursuing replacement kit offerings. I also have several subjects that were never covered that would need to be completed and incorporated into a latter part of the compendium. It's not that I don't see a value in this; it's more that it would be an undertaking well above and beyond just putting them together into book form.

To summarize, it's a project I heartily embrace. I just need to insert it into the queue.

Thanks for all of the positive input, feedback, and support. It is nice to read it all.



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