Re: Essential Freight Cars

Jim Betz

Ted (and all),

I suggest the following response to what I see as a

"hue and cry from your loyal followers".

Why not make the collection of articles available on
your web site - as is/as they were written - with sufficient
disclaimers as to the "currency" of the information.

And with each article being available as a separate item ...
that includes a link to what you do have available now
(the links should survive the ravages of time - perhaps
all of them are simply to your home page). I.e. treat
them as "completed work to be shared with others"
and used as an 'introduction' of your work to new

Then, as time permits, start replacing/rewriting some of the
articles written from a current perspective ... or not.

Or perhaps even producing some new entries/articles in
this excellent series ... *G*
- Jim B.

P.S. I leave it up to you whether you provide the articles in
a form that they can/can not be downloaded and saved
on the modeler's computer(s)/device(s). I'm not sure
that it is even possible to prevent that no matter how
hard you try ...

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