Re: Essential Freight Cars


Brian R. Termunde writes:


It was very politely pointed out to me to my that my comment about "modelers" was not clear enough, and so if I inadvertently offended anyone else, I most sincerely apologize! That was most certainly not my intention.


As I mentioned to the gentleman who contacted me offlist about my post, ….”


While it is probably not needed, I think I will respond to this message. Obviously, anyone can comment about virtually anything Offgroup [ not on the STMFC ] However, no member need apologize to another member regarding a message sent on the STMFC. In fact, the STMFC does not allow members to criticize others ON the STMFC.


As I have said before, the only armed members sitting at the table are STMFC mgt…myself and Jeff Aley.


Mike Brock

























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