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Here is a link to the PRR drawing of the USRA freight truck  it is a side view not sure if it will help you

Rich Orr

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Hi Folks

Could someone please advise where best to look for scale drawings of the USRA standard Andrews truck?  Is there a book available for purchase which happens to have good engineering drawings of it, perhaps?  I have downloaded all car builders' cyclopedias from 1903 up to 1922 but while there are drawings of several different Andrews trucks, the USRA version is not among them as far as I can see.  I have plain side-views from various model railroad publications but they are lacking in detail, and for not having an end-view are not of much use at all.  Any help gratefully received.  Living as far from the USA as I do, it's not easy to gain access to many sources of information.

I recently decided to go garden-railroading after a health scare made me realise that waiting for my hoped-for indoor space for an O-scale railroad to become available might result in me achieving precisely zip before I shuffle surg ery makes you rethink a lot of things!  However, upon looking around for 1/32 scale supplies, I find there is almost nothing commercially available so I am trying to create some 3D-printed 1/32 scale trucks for myself, starting with the most common.  Fortunately I have good plans of the Bettendorf T-section to work on while I hunt for drawings of the Andrews truck.

Paul Woods

Whangarei, NZ.

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