Re: DL&W #46982, was two three domed tank cars

Donald B. Valentine

Thank you Bill & Schuyler for your help. Some additional photos of the class would be  
helpful if any turn up. I'm having a hard time accepting outside wood sheathing on the 
car given the treatment of the end and the steel framing exposed at the bottom. first time
I recall seeing either of these features on a double-sheathed car that had bot received 
new steel sides.

Thanks again, Don Valentine

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Hello Don,

Per the ELHS reprint of the 1952 DL&W Freight Equipment diagram book, 46982 is one of a series 46800-46999, built by M.C. Corp. Sept 1927. The doors are listed for the larger series 46500-46999 as Superior & Youngstown Steel Side doors. I agree that it appears like a rebuild of, perhaps, a USRA car, but there is no mention of a rebuilding on the diagram page, which is consistently provided for those series where that is, in fact, the case.

This diagram book is still available, I think, from the ELHS.


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There are two additional cars in the 4th photo ahead of the two showing the tank cars as well.

The first car, though 4th in the train, while the other is the DL&W #46982. I cannot make out

the sheathing of the DL&W car. It looks to be some sort of steel rebuild of a double sheathed

car but I'm not certain. Does anyone know?

As for the tank cars, those early style vents are avaiable as nice lost wax castings from Owl


Cordially, Don Valentine

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