Re: DL&W #46982, was two three domed tank cars

Guy Wilber

Dennis wrote:

"Schuyler, That notation in the ORER normally means the car had "Z bar eaves" (inset eaves, no overhang, like a AAR standard steel car) Since the AAR had aquired the rights to the design and made it available to the car builders."

Dennis & Schuyler,

The "Z" Bar designation is also listed in reference to dimensional information required of cars built with "Z" Bar side plates positioned with the bottom leg placed horizontally. A complete and comprehensive list of the various construction types and what dimensional data is required is included within the; "Key Pages For Standard Headings In Registration Pages", of the ORER. It is found within the Editorial Section following the railroad and private owner equipment entries.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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