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Andy Miller

I wonder if these Libby-Owens cars were how the category of freight car came to be classed “LO”.

Andy miller

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Amazingly a picture of these cars in the later LOFX scheme has come to light in the reprints of the Rock Island Rocket magazines from the 1960s. This small photo was printed in the May-June 1963 issue. Using the photo of LOFX 301, a 1958 cuft ACF covered hopper, should allow creating decals to letter these cars in a more current paint scheme.

I'm not sure how many people are interested in this, but wanted to pass it along.

Link to photo:

Eric Mumper

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This is a new thread, but is part of the conversation on pre-WWII covered hoppers. One of the earliest of covered hoppers are the ones shown in the August of 1964 Model Railroader and offered by F&C as kit 6370. These were built in 1925 by the Bettendorf company for The National Plate Glass Company with reporting marks of NPGX. By the 1953 ORER these cars are now the property of Libbey-Owens-Ford glass company with reporting marks LOFX and appear to have car numbers 150-159, 170-173, and 201-210.

Does anybody happen to have a photo of these cars? MR only has a drawing and the heading "Covered hopper for silica sand". These may have been in captive service from the glass plant at Naplate, IL to Ottawa Silica Company for a distance of less than 5 miles. Not sure where MR got the info to do the drawing, but if I had to guess it would have been an add in a Car Builders Cyc. Sure would be great to actually have a picture of one of these. Thanks.

Eric Mumper

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