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Eric Hansmann



I have reviewed several prototype images of these W&LE box cars and I believe the underframes in these steel-sheathed cars follow the arrangement of the XM-1 single-sheathed car underframe. The W&LE cars have a KC brake system and seem to reflect the drawings on page 10 of RPCyc Volume 18. I modified a Red Caboose model to move the cross ties under the door posts and install a KC brake system. The funky bracket for the long brake arm was crafted from a Kadee #5 uncoupling spring. With luck, I’ll be able to paint and decal the model after my move to Tennessee.



Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX






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Under the door posts meaning under the edge of the door opening


On the X29 the cross ties are under the door opening


Those rivets we see inline about where the door stops are where the Cross Bearers are attached to the side sill.


Bill Welch

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