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Donald B. Valentine

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Since the BLI 6K tank cars have hit the streets, I'm curious to hear the reaction from anybody who bought the Hooker Chemical four-pack.

I came across a set at a hobby shop yesterday. At first I thought that I'd had a stroke of luck, but pretty quickly decided against buying them. The orange looked to me like a washed-out shade of fluorescent orange. The silver lettering didn't have enough contrast to avoid getting lost in it. The whole effect was like the colors were washed out. Granted, I didn't take any out of the box to see whether that improved my impression.

I know that we discussed the colors used on these cars before, but does the paint on these cars match any of the known/documented schemes in hue, tone and intensity?

-Fritz Milhaupt

Hi Fritz,

   I can't comment on the Hooker cars as I have not seen them and they are too late 
a paint job for me with a cut-off date of 12-1948. Courtesy of another member of this
list I do have a Brown Co. car from Variety Pack A and was impressed enough with
it to pick up Variety Pack B. First I was pleased to find a new style of four pack, which 
is what several of us asked BLI to provide after the disaster with the NYC box cars 4
packs all being placed in a non-dividable package. The new packaging is as good as
any we have seen and quite a bit better than most. I did not find the issues with paint
and lettering that you speak of at all on any of the cars I have. Frankly, I think they 
are some of the best done and best painted and lettered models in HO I have seen.
I have not brought out my calipers to check all dimensions but am very happy to live
with these cars as received......unless someone finds a major flaw I am unaware of.
Frankly, I really don't think that is going to happen with these cars.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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