Re: S330 or S280 shot blasting media

Bruce Smith


Maybe I'm not into one-size fits all solutions ;)  

Lead sheet is great, as are tire weights, for specific applications.  In the case I have in mind, F&C GR gons and FM flats, about the only space available for weight is between the center sills and between the side and center sills.  While lead sheet might work for the latter, F&C nicely cast all the stringers in place and so a "pourable" solution that would get down into those spaces would be superior to trying to get lead sheet into those spaces... just what Cody used it for.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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Guess it depends on what one is into. I shoot a lot and could pick up
non-lead shot, which some of us use for reloading, but it is easier to
pick up a little lead sheet from a roofing contractor or plumbing 
supply house. I was recently given enough lead sheet to last me
a couple of lifetimes but can always run any extra through my Lyman 
furnace and cast bullets with it. To each their own!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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