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Tony Thompson

Bruce, unless your MR is different than mine, the article is about a Varney gondola.
Tony Thompson 

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In thinking about weighting steam era freight cars, I came across “Liquid Gravity” in a story by Cody Grivno in this month’s Model Railroader, where he weights an old Ulrich Gondola.  The stuff looks like tiny steel shot… (I say steel because it is “non-toxic” so it isn’t lead)

It turns out that it sells for around $13 for 240 grams.

S330 or S280 steel shot blasting media sells for $36 for a 50# bag of S330 or $22 for a 25# bag of S280.  Shipping adds significantly to the bill, due to the weight, of course… but sheesh, that’s several lifetime supplies of beetle metal balls…

I think Tichy used something like this for the weights in their derrick kit.

This seems like a no-brainer - is anyone using this stuff?  Either as weight or to media blast?



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