Tank Car Journeys

Richard Hendrickson

Dave Nelson wrote, in response to Jeff Aley,

For example, I recently learned that I need to ship sulfuric acid to
a corn mill (acid was used to produce corn oil). What kind of car do
I use (and more importantly, how can I find out for myself?)?
Find _Tank Car Journeys_ in some used bookstore on the net. It's from the
30's and does a nice job of describing all sorts of stuff that went in tank
cars. In some instances it explains quite a bit about individual industries
Actually, there are two such books. General American Tank Car Journeys was
published by GATC in 1931 (under the title it says "Vol. 1" but there never
was a second volume). An earlier book was Standard Tank Car Journeys
published in 1920 by the Standard Tank Car Co. I have copies of both (but
my GATC book is on loand from Tom Madden and I'd like to find a copy of my
own). I can copy the sections on specific commodities from either or both
for subscribers to this list.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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