Re: Rattle Can Matte & Flat Finishes

Martin Young

I have been using rattle cans of Dullcoat for as long as I remember. It does give a flat finish but not always a uniform finish. I am not building contest quality models , just for me to run at home and on the club. I have been buying and experimenting with many rattle cans of clear flat finish with varying success.

My latest experiments were with Rust-Oleum Clear Dead Flat, Humbrol Acrylic Matte and Tamiya Flat Clear. Many people have said that the Rust-Oleum product is the best you can get. It was better than Dullcoat but does have a nuisance value that makes it hard to use, you must have VERY good ventilation and probably better outside and you stand upwind from it. Next came Humbrol. It gave an even better finish than Rust-Oleum and being acrylic I detected no odor at all. Last was Tamiya and that was a pleasant surprise. I sprayed a car that had a semi-gloss finish with high-gloss lettering. That car ended up dead flat, the entire car with an even coating. It does have an odor but I found it tolerable.

For me, my go to will be Tamiya first, Humbrol second. Both paints leave the car dry enough to pick up within a minute.

San Diego, CA

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Sorry, I thought we were talking PAINTS not clear coats. I only use Dullcoat for final sealing. Will use Rattle Cans but prefer airbrush, since I prefer to dilute it down to nearly 50:50 to get it to dry very fast. Also, I use a "not-in-California" lacquer thinner that is over 300 g/L VOCs. Dries in seconds but will knock out an elephant.

-- John

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