Lead sheet (was Re: S330 or S280 shot blasting media [Liquid Gravity])

Ted Culotta

If anyone wants a piece of extremely thin lead sheet (thinner than hobby shop stuff), please contact me OFF LIST and I will bring to you at Collinsville. I have a large roll that I'll NEVER use except for a fraction of it. I'll figure out some nominal charge that will be well below hobby shop prices. I'll cut it up and dole it out. It is lead and it is hazardous if handled improperly. I take no responsibility for your use if you choose to not use gloves, respirator and ventilation, do not thoroughly wash your hands before touching exposed skin, orifices, etc. It is intended to add weight to Steam Era freight cars only, per the sheriff, Mike Brock.

DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT MY SHIPPING IT. I'm not in the lead sheet business. I'm just trying to share the wealth in an easy way.

Ted Culotta

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