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Donald B. Valentine

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A friend was in Omaha looking in antique stores...I don’t know why? He picked up three Ertl cars for five bucks each on my behalf. So now I own a box car, gondola and flat car. What to do with the box car’s a no brainer, but I don’t know much about the other two cars. I looked in my RMJ index and only saw reference to the box car. So, I have to ask - what are some prototypes for the gon and flat, or would someone like to buy them? I can bring them to St L.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

Hi Clark, 

    The gon is an excellent model of the Maine Central #17000-#17099 series gons.
To the best of my knowledge these were originally bought to carry copper ore from 
Blue Hill, Me. to a smelter in Long Island City, NY. In later years they were used to
transport chunk limestone for a quarry in Swanton, Vt. to paper mills in Maine. 
I have been told, and Bill Welch has nored, that the gons are also accurate for some 
ACL gons but the only ACL gons I've seen looked like some modifications were needed 
to the ends though IIRC they were minor. The Ertl gons are easy to find, and cheap to 
purchase, on eBay as long as you are not looking for the MEC one.

My best, Don Valentine

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