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Jared Harper

I wouldn't be interested in these.

Jared Harper

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The Ertl flat is the same prototype as the Tichy flat, an NC&St.L. car and several of the other road names offered are correct such as ACL, SP&S 

The gondola is an MEC or ACL prototype.

Lots of discussion on both in the archives.



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A friend was in Omaha looking in antique stores...I don’t know why? He picked up three Ertl cars for five bucks each on my behalf. So now I own a box car, gondola and flat car. What to do with the box car’s a no brainer, but I don’t know much about the other two cars. I looked in my RMJ index and only saw reference to the box car. So, I have to ask - what are some prototypes for the gon and flat, or would someone like to buy them? I can bring them to St L.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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