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Benjamin Hom

Bruce Smith wrote:
"It’s a D&H thing - Leonor F. Loree was an engineer who was president of the D&H from 1907 to 1938.  He was also president of the B&O (1901-04), CRI&P (1904), KCS (1918-1920) and chairman of the MKT (1926-28).  He was know for encouraging innovative engineering approaches."

Bill Welch asked:
"Why did he have so much trouble holding a job?"

He didn't.

Prior to becoming the president of the B&O, Loree spent over 20 years with the Pennsy as a civil engineer and executive.  He was a turnaround specialist - an early 20th century version of John Barringer brought in by trustees to turn around troubled railroads.  For example, his presidency on the B&O coincided with PRR control of the railroad.

While an innovator, Loree's rolling stock philosophy on the D&H was conservative.  The dominate freight power was 2-8-0s with Wooten fireboxes, and the freight car fleet was largely made up of composite designs built in the railroad's own shops.  The railroad did experiment during the Depression, converting several "Super Consolidations" and developing interesting welded single-sheathed and welded side boxcar designs, but it also investigated the use of roller bearings in arch bar trucks.  As a result, the D&H rolling stock fleet had a very distinctive look, very few outside designs (USRA twin hoppers and single sheathed boxcars) on the roster before the end of WWII.

Ben Hom  

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