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 Not to prolong the agony but  , F&C has a great kit of Rutland Hopper Bottom gons . AFAIK ,I don't think they were used in interchange . Armand Premo

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Lenoir Loree had no trouble at all in holding a job. He did excellent work, then moved on to another challenge. He was president of the B&O while it was in receivership and under Pennsylvania Railroad control, which was arranged by financier J.P. Morgan. He left when B&O's period in receivership ended. 

Loree at the time was a PRR man. He did much to re-build and re-organize the B&O into a stronger, more efficient carrier. It had bankrupted itself in a head-long, spare-no-expense rush to get into the New York freight market in the 1880's-90's, while neglecting its western lines which were in disrepair and giving poor service.
Loree also updated the aged and obsolete B&O motive power during his time with the company. Some classes of new B&O steam locomotives were built to basic PRR designs, notably with Belpaire fireboxes.

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