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Aley, Jeff A



                Unless I am mistaken, you have a very nice collection of Rutland wheel reports / conductor’s books.  So perhaps your problem is really one of “how do I selectively compress my fleet”?


                Others have written about how to select the ROADNAMES for a fleet, and I think you should also have no problem selecting the ratio of reefers to tank cars, etc.


                The problem gets a lot more complicated when you want to maintain a ratio of single-sheathed boxcars vs double-sheathed vs steel.  How many of the steel cars are PS-1’s vs X29 “clones”?  In this case, I personally would err on the side of “what is easily modeled”.  If I need a single Maine Central boxcar, I’m going to see which of their cars is most easily modeled, which may not be their most common car.


                I also happen to know that Armand is a much better modeler than I am, so perhaps he’ll pick the most obscure MEC boxcar, just for the challenge of scratchbuilding it.







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I have had a major problem dealing with ratios .Considering the number of variables  that affect a relatively accurate of freight car distribution  i.e. Date ; Region ; Railroad.I have a relatively large roster  ,but have been troubled that I didn't have an  accurate distribution ,by car  type i.e wood vs steel  ,Reefer vs Box car  etcI ,etc ,etc .I would like to hear from others on how they deal with prototype practices ..Armand Premo

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