Re: Ratios


I had far too many freight cars when I finished building my layout.  I measured each siding, including the yard tracks and figured out how many forty-foot cars would fit onto those tracks.  Then I divided that number by two which gave me the maximum number of cars that could be on the layout at any time.  This prevents gridlock and makes plenty of room to actually operate the layout.  After that I looked at the industries on the layout to determine what kind of freight cars I needed to service those industries.  I immediately eliminated refrigerator cars because there was no place to deliver them.  I have a coal mine that can handle nine cars so I needed eighteen hopper cars divided between loads and empties.  Flat cars are not really needed either so I have only a couple.  The time frame is 1953 so no cars have build or reweigh dates later than 1953.  The layout is set in northwestern Pennsylvania so the emphasis is on eastern roads although, because there is a lumber yard, a few western and Canadian boxcars are occasionally used for lumber traffic.  I still have too many cars and will sell off some more sooner or later.  No point in having them sit on boxes on shelves when someone else might enjoy having them.  Hugh t Guillaume

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